Theatre Etiquette

Going to the theatre is a special experience, one that you will remember for a long time. Everyone in the audience has been looking forward to seeing the show.

If you keep in mind common courtesy for the artists as well as your fellow audience members, everyone’s theatre experience will be optimized.

We want everyone to enjoy performances at the NBS Theatre and want you to help out by remembering to show courtesy for those around you. Below are the best practices to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the show.

Before you come to the Theatre

Check your tickets. At the time of purchase be sure to confirm the date and time on your tickets are the ones you requested. Please note that all ticket sales are final and we can’t refund or exchange.

Before arriving at the Theatre

What should I wear? The NBS Theatre has no official “dress code” for attending performances. We do respectfully request that patrons refrain from wearing hats and to remember that many people are highly allergic to perfume or cologne.

At the Theatre

Be on time.

It is best to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance so you can park your car, enjoy a drink or snack from the shop and find your seats before the show begins.

The time posted on your ticket is the time the performance begins.

Entering the theatre after the performance has begun can disrupt both the artists performing and your fellow audience members. It is the policy of the NBS Theatre that latecomers to the theatre will be seated only when there is a suitable break in the performance and may be seated in the back of the theatre until they can be moved to their seats at intermission. During a sold out performance, latecomers may only be able to be seated during the interval.

Turn off all electronic devices.

This includes all mobile phones, pagers, beepers, alarms, or anything that can disturb the production, actors and your fellow audience members during the performance.


Photography of any kind is prohibited during a performance. Audiotape and videotape recordings are forbidden under copyright law. If anyone is found photographing or taping the performance, their photos or recordings will be deleted and they will be asked to leave the theatre without a ticket refund.

Entering and exiting.

Please avoid entering or exiting the theatre during a performance, before or after intermission, unless it is an emergency.

Smoking and alcohol.

There is no smoking in the building. Anyone bringing alcohol or banned substances will be asked to leave the theatre and your tickets will not be refunded.

Show your appreciation.

This is a live performance before a live audience. Please do not talk, whisper, sing or hum during the performance unless you are asked to do so.

Really show your appreciation by clapping. Performers love to hear applause. This shows how much you enjoyed the show!


If there is a situation that requires attention during the show, please speak to an usher who will pass your concerns on to the Front of House Manager.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact the theatre manager on 03 789 4219 opt 2, or email